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    FAQ's for LKSD Site2020

    by Dan Foote -

    A number of questions have been asked during the training sessions. Because this is a dynamic environment, some of the answers will be dynamic as well. Please expect change!

    • Who supports the LKSD Moodle site?
      • Dan Foote w DanTech Services has been asked to support the Moodle site for LKSD
      • We support the operation of the Moodle site plus the configuration and management
      • This includes assistance w user setup, course access, and permissions
    • Who provides the training for Moodle?
      • Mary Rydesky provides the Train the Trainer courses that are specifically designed for LKSD
    • Did my username and password change?
      • Because this is a completely new, fresh install, we opted to not import information from the old system. This means that usernames and passwords changed for everybody
      • That information would have been sent to the email address imported into the system
    • I've forgotten my password; what do I do?
      • There are two methods to log into Moodle
      • With Username and password at the
      • Or, use the Google button at with your email address and password
      • To reset your Moodle password from the login screen, select the "Forgotten your username or password?" link and follow the instructions
    • I need to create a course, but can't
      • Contact a team leader or support and we will assist
    • How do I add students to a course?
      • Inside the course, find the Enrol Participants button
      • Search and add your students
    • Can students be imported?
      • Yes. Contact support for details
    • The course I restored is missing information
      • Course imports to restore a course can run into challenges
      • Quizzes seem to be problematic and may need to be rebuilt or recreated
    • How do I...?
      • To find an answer to Moodle questions, may have your answer
      • Their forums are robust, active, and searchable
      • Put your sites' forums to work! Ask your questions here!
    • I'm getting an error. What do I do?
      • Get as much information as possible and send it to Dan

    Moodle, by its very design, is dynamic. Experiment. Use the sandbox functions to do course design. Courses can be backed up and restored in new locations for publishing for student activity.

    Take care,